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Woodbridge’s competitive gymnastics program is created for experienced athletes who have already shown a great potential and who want to be challenged further. For they, we have developed a program that will help young athletes become able to compete in local, regional and provincial competitions. Our training facilities are safe, endowed with modern and Olympic equipment, so that any young gymnast has all the support needed.

Moreover, we only work with professional coaches. Our team is comprised of former professional gymnasts who have won several medals in international competitions and are certified by Gymnastics Ontario. Thus, once a child enters our competitive gymnastics program, we have the necessary resources to help them throughout their entire career.

We expect a high level of commitment from all gymnasts who are selected into this program. Thus, admittance is only possible through invitation.

If you believe that your child has what it takes to become a professional gymnast, we would love to meet him or her! Contact our office now and book an assessment appointment with our staff.

Our Demo Program is designed to recognize and train athletes who have shown potential to compete at a competitive level. All children in this program our invited from our recreational program. Athletes in this program train 4-5 hours/week and are open to athletes who are between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. The demo program is a progression towards our Pre-Competitive, Invitational and even Provincial Program. While participating in the demo program athletes will focus on strength, coordination, flexibility, and building the basics skills and a strong foundation for competitive gymnastics.

The Invitational Program is designed for athletes who possess the talent and capabilities to perform the needed skills to compete and psychological qualities necessary to train and participate in gymnastics at a competitive level. Children in this program are invited from either the Pre-Competitive Program or Recreational Program. These athletes train 7 to 12 hours per week and attend competitions across Ontario. Athletes will be taught routines and clean up skills in the level that they are ready for which is determined by the coach and the athletes capabilities. Competitions are Invitational meets that are meant to provide gymnasts with a positive and no pressure environment.

Gymnasts in the Provincial Program have shown exceptional talent physically in the sport and have shown the required matureness to compete in high levels. Only a select few are picked for this program which is selected by the Head Coach. Provincial gymnasts train 16 to 20 hours a week and have great dedication to the sport. Achievement in this program is determined by the athlete’s ability, aspiration, discipline, and commitment to their extreme training regime. Athletes in this program participate in Qualifying competitions which determines their participation in Ontario Championships.