Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics

There is a very strong reason why gymnastics is recognized as a foundation sport by the International Olympic Committee: it improves every essential mental and physical feature of a child (discipline, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, balance and speed). Of course, not every child is born to be a competitive gymnast or athlete, but they all need a harmonious development – this is exactly what the Woodbridge school of gymnastics offers.

In today’s world, where few people afford the time do practice sports, it is essential for a child to develop a taste for exercising from a young age. Recreational Gymnastics is the ideal program to shape a healthy lifestyle and teach young children the importance of being active. At Woodbridge Gymnastics, we place great value on the proper development of loco-motor skills for children of all ages. This is why we only employ highly qualified and motivated personnel, experienced trainers with a great passion for their job. The Woodbridge Gymnastics center has started its activity in 1992. Ever since then, we have worked with thousands of children in our recreational and competitive programs and have obtain great results in both.

Irrespective of your child’s age and appetence for sports, Woodbridge Gymnastics is the perfect place for him or her to flourish. Contact us today and learn which of our recreational gymnastics programs fits your child best. Because we know time is of the essence for the parents, our classes are scheduled so that they fit the busiest of families. If you are unsure of which program is best for your child, we would be more than happy to offer counseling or a demonstrative class. This way, you have the opportunity to better understand what recreational gymnastics can do for your child while he or she can experience it firsthand.

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