Woodbridge Academy of Gymnastics Recreational Programs features different classes for your child to participate in. Classes are tailored to their age and/or ability level. W.A.G. offers your child a fun and progressive step-by-step structured environment, in which to develop new skills and enhance their strength and flexibility.

These programs are designed to stimulate growth, strengthen bones and muscles and develop the heart and lungs. The primary focus is to provide children with education and fitness while learning the basics of gymnastics.

Each program also offers children the opportunity to explore all apparatus. Children will learn exciting gymnastics moves, develop strength, posture, balance, coordination and get set on achieving their all around personal best.

Recreational Programs offered:

  • Mom and Tot (2yrs)
  • Kindergym (3-4yrs)
  • Jumpers (5-6yrs)
  • Tumblers (7-8yrs)
  • Springers (9-10yrs)
  • Juniors (11-12yrs)
  • Advanced Girls (7-9yrs)
  • Advanced girls (10+ yrs)
  • Boys (6-8yrs)
  • Boys (9-11yrs)
  • Teens (13+ yrs)
  • Acro For Dancers

To register, please call (905) 850-5151
or use form on the right.